Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Beginnings

Here we go. Another new beginning, a new blog, a new blog home.

All the old Xanga-ers are no longer and have converted so I find myself here as well. 

This is the time of day I take a few seconds and spend personal time just writing, not having to think of school and ministry. 

So Two Rivers Church has begun. 270 day 1, some 200 day 2. Personally I think those are pretty good numbers. It's an honor to watch/be a part of this huge thing. I was always curious about church planting and always hoped to have a hand in one at some point in time and here I am. Is it what I expected? Yes, but crazier. 

Tonight as I got into my car to get ready to go to Riverhouse Coffee I thought, I have so much on my plate and I feel overwhelmed!!! Then I thought... but don't I always? There was only 1 point in time the past 7 years where felt like I didn't have a lot on my plate and that was in Nam Ree Village in Thailand this past year. Why is this? Why do I always (feel like I) have a ton to do? 
Maybe it's because my family, on my dads side are workaholics. Maybe it passed down? Not like regular workaholics but one's that like physical blistering/muscle building work. You know, I enjoy it as well. At the time I might hate it but I do love it. I've recently come to crave, love and have a passion for working out... it's like I can't go without it. I feel like I want to build, tare down, mold... something. 

A second revelation I was reminded of yesterday was from Mrs. Lease. She said, "You have been here a long time but you have accomplished more than most." That makes me want to cry. Crap. I am. In the cafe. Um. I can't sit still. I cannot be content with living a regular live working 9-5 and coming home and crashing. I was not created by God to live an ordinary life. I'm so glad that I haven't sat still. I have done a lot. I like it like that. I like having a purpose & things to do. I don't like when it drives me crazy....but I like keeping busy. God gives us tons of opportunities!!!! Don't make excuses. You never have a good one. Some times you just have to do. 

Okay. Now I'm going to continue working on children's stuff. 

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